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Love What's Local

Shopping local is important for the obvious reason of building a strong tax base to support schools, roads, recreation facilities, first responders, and other city services.  I am sure you all have heard the statistic, “for every $100 spent locally $68 goes back into the community.”  When you shop local you are making an investment in the community…its unique character and charm.  The more personality and attractiveness our community has, the more appealing it becomes to visitors and people looking to bring business to town…creating more diversity, appeal all around, and prosperity to the community.

Residents of Guntersville and Marshall County enjoy a solid business climate.  The tourism and hospitality industry, industrial, retail, construction, and a variety of service industries make up Guntersville’s business community.  While manufacturing serves as the largest employment sector, retail and services provide 50% of the jobs in the area. The tourism and hospitality industry appeal to entrepreneurs, and Guntersville is an ideal location for small businesses.


Conners Island Business Park

Conners Island is a 550-acre environmentally friendly development located within the city limits of Guntersville. The park is designed to accommodate a wide-range of business and manufacturing facilities, from light manufacturing to corporate headquarters. The park offers gently rolling terrain and scenic lake views, with a comprehensive set of covenants designed to support the interests of every facility. The development is laid out in two sectors, Park East and Park West, connected by the park’s main four-lane boulevard.

The fully served park, with direct access to US Highway 431, offers many advantages to locating industries:

  • Affordable and skilled workforce
  • Industrial site preparation grants
  • Innovative incentive packages
  • One-stop, local streamlined assistance
  • Business friendly community
  • Free training assistance by the Alabama Industrial Development Training Program
  • Award-winning local schools, including a national Blue Ribbon School

Guntersville Municipal Airport

Located just half of a mile from the Conners Island Park entrance is the Guntersville Municipal Airport-Joe Starnes Field. The newly completed 5,500-foot runway can now easily accommodate corporate and other jets.

For more information about these exciting new developments, contact the Economic Development office for the City of Guntersville at 256-571-7565.

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